Southampton Anaesthetists Services


"The Alloc8tor system has been a real blessing.  It saves us a huge amount of time in not having to look up operation codes and fees, as Alloc8tor does all this for us. The responses are indicated clearly in colour co-ordination, so you can see at a glance who is free and equally important who is not.

I would recommend Alloc8tor to any business that works on a scheduling basis.   Simple to use and clear to read."

Caroline Jones - Practice Manager, Southampton Anaesthetic Services

Real-time messaging and task notes

The Challenge

Southampton Anaesthetists Services approached the Alloc8tor team to try to assist them in solving a recurring challenge of allocating over 60 anaesthetists to over 100 surgical lists every month.  With time and resource at a premium, the hours spent every week trying to pin down busy Doctors were hours that were proving to be inefficient and costly.


The Solution

The Alloc8tor platform was designed and built as to provide an online hosted platform that was available to Doctors and Administrative staff 24/7 so that they could choose when and how to respond to available work.  The platform is designed to provide real-time updates so that there is no delay in the process and time is saved at every step of the allocation process.  Reporting and email automation added to the value provided by the Alloc8tor platform.


The Results

The Alloc8tor team provided a customized solution including linking in insurance company pricing databases to highlight the worth of the job?

Now using Alloc8tor, hours have gone to minutes for the office team when it comes to list allocation allowing the to spend time doing the more important tasks that help run the business. 

Alloc8tor has massively helped us sort out which of the 60 anaesthetists in our group were available to cover the 100 or so ad hoc theatre sessions we cover per month. It saves hours and of secretarial time so more than pays for itself and for the anaesthetists it is just 2 clicks to add all the relevant information straight into our digital diaries.  Members of our group only get notification of operating lists that we have chosen to know about so we don’t get inundated with emails about lists we would never do. The office team and the anaesthetists have quickly grown to love the system.