Before you go to an agency are you absolutely sure your own staff will not want the shift? 

  • Alloc8tor is a platform that notifies relevant healthcare professionals of upcoming shift availability.

  • The hospital can see the individual responses of their healthcare staff.

  • Alloc8tor’s hospital platform has been designed specifically to help hospitals reduce their agency spend by targeting the relevant workers to tasks they are clinically able to fulfil.

Saving a couple of agency shifts per month will more than pay for Alloc8tor for the whole department


    Benefits to the Hospital

    The hospital will be able to:

    • Reduce their agency spend.
    • Have their own staff do the work ensuring the added benefits of familiarity.
    • Receive positive responses ordered by different rates (e.g. overtime, bank staff or regular agency staff).
    • Manage multi-session shift allocation.
    • Benefit from automated emails keeping all relevant staff notified at all stages of the allocation process.
    • Setup sessions in multiple departments or across multiple hospitals.
    • Centralise the staff allocation process saving time for those on the shop floor.
    • Access reports to help illustrate workflow patterns.

    Benefits to the Healthcare professional

    They will be able to:

    • Specify which sub-specialities of work they would like to be notified about.
    • Easily see upcoming work that is clinically relevant to them.
    • Earn extra money in a place and system they know.
    • Offer part-availability for a multi-session list (e.g. morning only of a whole day list).
    • Change their response should their availability change.
    • Use in-app communication to provide additional details to admin team.
    • Synchronise with their own digital calendars.
    • Opt to receive reminder emails of upcoming work.

    To truly understand how Alloc8tor works and the benefits of it to you please contact us to organise an online demonstration.