How long do you spend finding workers to fill your vacancies?

  • How much stress is there in finding replacements for last minute cancellations?
  • How do you target your workers to ensure you are only asking them to do work they want to do and are not just sending out blanket messages of unrefined job vacancies many of which are irrelevant to them?

All for less than the price of a cup of coffee per month!


Benefits to the Company

The company will be able to:

  • Use geolocation to only target staff prepared to travel to that site
  • Select the staff based on skill mix - Bar staff, baristas, waiters, supervisors etc.
  • Send automated instructions and reminders with all the necessary information - where to go, who to report to, what to wear, hours of work.
  • Automate reports of work allocated via Alloc8tor

Benefits to the worker

The worker will be able to:

  • Be informed of the type of work they have specifically chosen to hear about

  • Only be informed of work in chosen locations they are happy to travel to
    (based on number of miles you have selected from your 'home' post code).

  • Ensure that everything that arrives in your inbox / App is relevant to you.

  • Automate editable time sheets which can be sent straight to the company digitally signed.

  • Easily synchronise with digital calendars


To truly understand how Alloc8tor works and the benefits of it to you please contact us to organise an online demonstration.