Real-time messaging and task notes

Minimise the cost of task organisation and allocation

Real-time announcements of jobs to be done and immediate notification of the individual responses from your teams mean jobs and tasks can literally be allocated within seconds of being advertised. Easily adjustable filters will ensure only appropriate workers are notified thus preventing them getting inundated with tasks and jobs not relevant to them.

Specific to your industry

The platform can be customised to your industry

The product had it's origins in the healthcare sector, however it was soon realised that the challenge of finding and allocating large teams of people to tasks and work easily was one felt by many sectors.  Click on the relevant links below to see what we have done for specific groups.


Cut down on External staffing

Maximise your in-house resources

Ensure you have no spare capacity in your own workforce before going out to an agency. Alloc8tor will help you save money as there is no easier way to see responses than using Allocator’s traffic light system.  Reminders can be sent to whole groups, partial groups, individuals or non responders. Still nobody come forward to do the job…. You may have to pick up the phone but at lease you know who you don’t need to contact.


Personalised and filtered

Targeted communications to minimise frustrations

All notifications can be filtered to meet individual profiles as both Admin and Users can edit their preferences and permissions to ensure only relevant notifications are received by the users. No more ‘alert fatigue’ from repeated irrelevant or unsuitable job notifications.


Fast, secure and scaleable
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Realtime computing means you are always up to date

Alloc8tor allows everyone to stay up to date. Users can see all relevant unallocated jobs and can change their response at any time should their situation change. Admin can see this change immediately and allocate out work accordingly. All relevant parties are communicated with at every stage to ensure they are kept up to date with the progress of finding someone to do the job.

How does this compare to other work allocation solutions?

Instant notification to groups of workers
Easy to read status of all workers availability
Awareness of up to date status change of worker
Automatic notification to interested 3rd parties
Reminders to non responders
Automated reports