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Behind the beautiful interface, Alloc8tor is an incredibly rich task allocation platform.
Here, you can find an exhaustive list of everything the Alloc8tor platform can do.



Responsive design
The application for both administrators and members has been designed from the ground up to be responsive to the device you are using.

The Alloc8tor platform is all about you, so we will happily customise the design to use your logos and colours.

Compact view or Large view
You choose the amount of information you want to view on each and every job. Toggle between different screens to show more or less.

Dashboard reporting
Quickly see which tasks are open, allocated, recurring and closed with a traffic light system showing availability of members.

Calendar views
Select the period on a calendar to view all the tasks allocated during that period.

Calendar sync
Easy to add jobs into most digital calendars.

Task Creation

Custom fields
Alloc8tor is designed to be tailored to your business.  Custom fields can be populated to reflect your business profile.

Database links
Link ups with your existing databases enable fast task creation with dropdown fields showing client lists, member lists, customer profiles.

Define start and end times
Tasks can be given default or custom start and end times so that calendars are kept up to date and accurate.

Recurring tasks
Create recurring events for tasks which run on a regular schedule.  Enable members to show their availability for the whole recurring task.

Keep tasks up to date
After posting, tasks can be edited and updated to ensure all the information is kept 100% accurate.

Restrict who can be targeted for different work by their location as well as their skill set.


Task Notifications

Email, SMS and In-App notifications
Notifications are sent to members to ensure they are kept up to date.  When new tasks are posted, tasks are allocated and indeed when vacant tasks become urgent.

Selective notifications
Choose which tasks are emailed to members, suppliers and other relevant contacts on an individual task basis.  A task scheduled for some time in advance may not warrant another email.

Multi-tier filtering
Tasks can be filtered according to the skills, location, profile of each of your member team.  Notifications are then only sent to appropriated members.

Opt-in/out of notifications
Each member can manage their own personal preferences, choosing to determine which notifications they receive and decided the best way for them to manage their task lists.

Prioritising tasks
A last minute task suddenly becomes urgent… highlight the task and send it to everyone involved at the click of a button.


Task Allocation

One-click allocation
Allocate a task and have preset email notifications sent to all those concerned. 

Cancel allocation and reallocate
Situations change.  With the Alloc8tor system, you can cancel an allocation and re-allocate it within seconds... and you already know who is available.

Relevant content
Tasks switch to being allocated and are visible only to those involved in the delivery of that task.

Selective allocation
Base your allocation on criteria set centrally.  Whether it be price, location, skill set, rating... you choose who is allocated which tasks.


Cloud security and infrastructure

Multi-level security
Different access can be given to different users, Super Admin, Admin, Member. 

Secure Google Cloud platform
Built on Google's infrastructure, Alloc8te benefits from the latest cloud security and best practices. 

State-of-the-art software-defined networking products on Google’s private fiber network..

Storage and Databases
Scalable, resilient, high performance object storage and databases


How does this compare to other work allocation solutions?

Instant notification to groups of workers
Easy to read status of all workers availability
Awareness of up to date status change of worker
Automatic notification to interested 3rd parties
Reminders to non responders
Automated reports