How do you ensure you are only asking the appropriate people if they want to babysit?

All for less than the price of a cup of coffee per month!


Benefits to the Agency

The agency will be able to:

  • Select workers based on skill set, experience, and qualifications? e.g. those with experience of looking after toddlers.
  • Use geolocation to only target staff prepared to travel to that location.
  • Specify self-drivers vs those needing a lift home at the end of the evening.
  • Send automated instructions and reminders with all the necessary information - where to go, the clients name, hours of work etc.
  • Send automated emails to clients informing them of who is turning up with a mini bio on the babysitter.
  • Automate reports of work allocated via Alloc8tor.
  • Automatically email invoices to clients once babysitter has confirmed hours worked.
  • Send automated text to client 1 hour before scheduled end of babysitting.

Benefits to the babysitter

The sitter will be able to:

  • Filter their availability by geolocation to ensure only told of work in a location they would be happy to travel to
    (based on number of miles you have stated you will travel from your 'home' post code).

  • Input their available time slots so they are only be informed of suitable work.

  • Opt out of specific types of work (e.g. looking after infant children).

  • Automate editable time sheets which can be sent straight to the company digitally signed.

  • Easily synch with digital calendars.


To truly understand how Alloc8tor works and the benefits of it to you please contact us to organise an online demonstration.